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James Yap & Moon Loh

James Yap & Moon Loh are Professional Network Marketers. They have more than 16 years of combined experience in the industry. And has personally enrolled more than 600 business partners into their network marketing business with downlines of tens of thousands of members. Now they are earning their residual income and coaching others to do the same by leveraging on the power of the Internet!

James & Moon have been awarded the “Best Personal Brand 2017 Award” by Marketing Institute of Singapore.

James & Moon have been awarded the “2016 Asia Pacific Network Marketing Leader Gold Award” by Taiwan Association of Multilevel Marketing, R.O.C.

James & Moon have been awarded the “2015 Most Respected & Sought After Network Marketing Leader” by the China Direct Selling Enterprises Annual Awards.


“Best Personal Brand 2017 Award”

by Marketing Institute of Singapore.

“2016 Asia Pacific Network Marketing Leader Gold Award”

by the Taiwan Association of Multilevel Marketing, R.O.C.

James Yap & Moon Loh

“2015 Most Respected & Sought After Network Marketing Leader”

by the China Direct Selling Enterprises Annual Awards.

James Yap & Moon Loh

We Recruited Hundreds of Direct Downlines From 21 Countries, From Home. How We Did It?

James Yap

James YapHi, I am James Yap from Singapore. I wear a couple of hats. I am a professional senior sales person with a large MNC and also a Professional Internet Network Marketer.

I started my working life as a sales executive with a small local company and worked my way up to be an Asia Pacific Sales Director with an MNC. With more then 20 years of working experience, I must say that I have seen quite a bit of the world. I have excelled in all my jobs and have often been recognized as the best sales person in Singapore or the Asia Pacific region in these organizations.

So to speak, I have been there and done that with, travelling round the world for meetings and conferences, managing my sales team, getting involved with interesting office politics, ruthless corporate restructures, endless organisational direction changes, etc.

I am drawing a five-figure monthly income from my full-time day job as a senior sales person with an MNC. As a matter of fact, I have been drawing my five-figure monthly income for more than 10 years now. Survival and living comfortably is not an issue for my family and I, and I am actually well in my comfort zone.

It’s no secret that today’s economy is suffering. People are still losing their jobs, stressed over lost income and unsure of the future.

Though everything is working well for me now but I will never know what is going to happen to me tomorrow.

  • Will I lose my job suddenly?
  • Can I get another job quickly?
  • Will the next job be able to pay me the same?
  • How am I going to support my family if I am retrenched?
  • When will the next round of corporate restructure affect me?
  • Do I have enough savings to tide my family through this period?
  • What did I do (or have not done) to unknowingly get myself involved in another round of office politics?

Well, we will never know till it’s too late, isn’t it?

That is why there are always some levels of uncertainty, certain levels of bugging uneasiness at the back of our heads. I do not like to be in a situation where I am not able to control the outcome. If I am single and all alone, I will be less worried. But now that I have my family to take care of. The equation is a lot different now. I want to be able to take better control of my life. Financial uncertainty is a situation that I do not want to be in. The only other solution is to be able to secure my future with an alternative stable source of income.

When Is The Best Time To Look For Money?

I asked myself…. When is the best time to look for money? To me, the best time for me to look for money is when I do not really need the extra money yet. I reckon that when I start to look for money only when I needed money, it may be too late already. Do you agree with me?

My Personal Wish… To Retire Early

My personal wish is for me to be able to retire as early as I can and start doing things that I really like thereafter. I can already see this happening in the next couple of years. Well, do you agree with me that it is not how much we earn that matters BUT it’s how much we can save that really matters? It’s how much we are able to save and our ability to generate retirement income that will determine when we are able to retire. Do you agree with me?

Looking For My PLAN B

I have an open mind and am always open to new ideas. Internet Marketing and Network Marketing has always been what I explored and experimented with. In 2007, I started my own online shop, as a hobby. It started off well. As the business grew, the logistics part of the business ballooned too. It wore me out as there were stocks to be ordered and kept, packing to be done and local and overseas deliveries to be made. The fact that I was travelling extensively due to my day job caused me a lot of problems.

In 2007, I too got myself involved in Network Marketing. Between 2007 to 2010, I enrolled myself with numerous Network Marketing companies. It was a hobby, really. I learned a lot from these failed attempts. Yes, you heard it right….many failed attempts. The accumulation of these experiences however provided me with valuable lessons. Now, I know exactly what to do, what not to do, what I need and what kind of attitude and support is required to make my Network Marketing business successful.

Now I can be anywhere in the world and still be able to work on my network marketing business on a part-time basis. This business is more than perfect for me! I am now able to do this business in 190 countries from anywhere in the world, on a part-time basis, and still be able to spend a lot more quality time with my family. I have secured my future better financially!

Moon Loh

The word mompreneur is probably foreign to the majority of you. But as a mother and an entrepreneur, I am all too familiar with this word. As the word suggests, mompreneur, which is really the combination of the words “mom” and “entrepreneur”, refers to mothers who have an established business, whilst also acting as the caretaker of their children. By this definition, I am a mompreneur as I am both a mother, as well as the owner of an internet network marketing home business.

Becoming a Mompreneur
My journey towards becoming a mompreneur with a successful home business was not really planned for. Like many others, I had been taught from a young age to study hard, obtain good results, enroll into a good university and get a well paid job. And that was exactly the path that I had pursued, without so much as a thought of becoming an entrepreneur.

That was until I came across some online work-at-home advertisements and surveys that claimed one could earn money simply by answering some questions over the internet. Convinced that I could earn money online, I wasted no time in signing up for these online surveys and quickly became acquainted with this means of earning money. But tried as I might, I realised that I was not earning much and was beginning to question what had went wrong.

A month later, in June 2008, a website that promoted internet marketing as a means to earn money online caught my attention. Drawn by the proposition, I embarked on the idea of internet marketing even though I had no knowledge about it! At that time, I knew next to nothing about affiliate programs and did not even know how to create a blog. Without a background in information technology or the likes, I did not know how to get started on internet marketing. However, that did not deter me from my foray into this field. I held the belief that if others could succeed, I could most certainly succeed too!

As a full-time working mom then, I simply wanted to earn some extra money in my spare time. But I soon realised that internet marketing was a serious business that if carried out professionally, would enable me to earn money while I was asleep or enjoying family time with my lovely hubby and daughter. In other words, I had discovered a business platform that would generate income 24 hours a day and spanned across all countries.

With this new insight, I thought hard about my future and contemplated a life in the next two or three decades where being out of job meant not receiving a single cent. Being a mom who naturally wanted to have more time with my daughter, and yet have my own income, I also asked myself if my current lifestyle enabled me to participate fully in her life.

With the belief that internet marketing was a viable business that would enable me to not only earn a comfortable income, but also dedicate more time to my daughter, I started to spend most of my free time in front of the computer learning how to create a blog, finding out how I could blog for profits and explored on affiliate programs. In addition, I also read e-books on subjects like making money online and internet marketing.

I held the belief that if others could succeed, I could most certainly succeed too!

The initial phase was very discouraging as I was not earning any income. To make matters worse, self learning was also proving to be very tough and time consuming. But with the support of my family, I decided to press on. Once I had made my resolute to move forward, I began to invest more time mastering internet marketing strategies, particularly in the areas of social media, search engine marketing (SEO) and pay per click (PPC). To do so, I attended courses on these topics. Through these courses, I learned that internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, but just an online marketing technique that helps to grow one’s business over the internet.

Through these courses, I gained a renewed perspective on internet marketing and began to develop a business mindset to jumpstart my business seriously. With my acquired knowledge on internet marketing, I started to create my own digital products and membership programs.

Bringing the Business to a New High
In the first two couple of years, my online business provided me with a good income. But I had desired to earn a passive income. So two years later, I joined a network marketing business, as I saw the potential in it business model.

I was faced with a lot of challenges when I first joined the network marketing industry. For starters, most people were unreceptive towards the industry. Working with a team in my company also required some getting used as I had been used to working on my own in my internet business. But that did not stop me from learning more about the industry, learning from the experiences of successful individuals and deepening my knowledge in network marketing.

In network marketing, I learned the importance of team work, good leadership and the constant need for self development. Today, I have successfully combined internet marketing and network marketing to make my network marketing business an online business that is just as viable working from home.

If I Can Do it, You Can Do it Too

Today, a home internet business has become my business of choice. After all, my leading home-based internet business allows me to work whenever I want, wherever I want. Having benefited from such a business model, I encourage others to similarly pursue a home-based internet business, even if it is carried out on a part-time basis.

Personally, I believe that “If there is a will, there is a way”. I believe that mothers are able to enjoy financial freedom and have quality time with their family. Through persistence and hard work, coupled with passion and a business mind, I have emerged as a successful mompreneur. And if I can do it, you can do it too!

FGXpress James Yap & Moon Loh

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Q: What are the things you look for in a network marketing (MLM) company? (i.e. what makes you join a MLM company?) What is the best advice you would give to those who had yet to involve in the network marketing (MLM) business?

Today, network marketing is recognized by many experts and accomplished businesspeople as one of the fastest growing business models in the world. By its very nature and design, network marketing is a strikingly fair, democratic, socially responsible system of generating wealth.

So, which is the best Network Marketing (MLM) company to join?

The answer is… there is no best network marketing company to join. Yes, you read it correctly. We repeat, there is no best network marketing company to join in Singapore or anywhere else on planet earth.

Every respectable and legit network marketing company must have actual products, and they usually carry very good products. They must have a relatively fair compensation plan.

The BEST network marketing company FOR YOU will be one that BEST FIT you.

These are some of the factors that will affect your BEST FIT criteria like, the product, the culture of the company, your moral limits (you may not understand why yet), your lifestyle, your comfort level, etc.

There are 3 things we will need to consider before joining any network marketing business.
1. COMPANY: You need to evaluate and decide which is the RIGHT Network Marketing COMPANY for YOU.
2. TEAM: You will need to decide on WHICH TEAM in that company you will want to join.
3. LEADER: After you decide on which team in that company you want to join, you will need to decide on WHICH LEADER in that team you will want to work with.

We are from Internet Marketing background and we truly understand what is Global Business without Barriers of Countries. We are also a person who BELIEVE TO SEE! There’s no shortcut to success, but there’s always an easier way when we clearly know what we want.

After evaluating the company, it’s not difficult to zoom in and choose FGXpress as our Home. The business methodology of Ron Williams, CEO of ForeverGreen, and business model already won our heart.

– ForeverGreen is listed in the stock exchange in the USA and is a credible company with talented, experienced and committed exco members overseeing the growth of the company.
– This business can be done in more than 200 countries worldwide. Where you are able to receive a greeting card, you are able to do the business in that country. We are literally bring the global economy to every doorstep of the world. No other company in the world can do this at this point in time. We are the first.
– The Product “PowerStrips” is patented and listed as a Class 1 Medical Device. That’s another first in the world.
– The company pays out 62% in commission with a cheque match of up to 50%. This an awesomely high percentage.

Forevergreen, FGXpress, Singapore Leaders

Q: What are the secrets of your success?

Everything rises or falls on Leadership!

Leadership is one of the most important skills in network marketing business. If you want to build a successful network marketing business then you are going to need to get good at leadership and the great news is that great leaders are made and not born.

5 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

1. Lead Yourself First
2. Add Value To People Everyday
3. Study Leadership Everyday
4. Practice Leadership Everyday
5. Intentionally Grow Everyday

The great thing about leadership like anything else is that it can be learned. To become successful in network marketing you are going to need to develop your leadership skills. The great thing about network marketing is that you will get a full support system and business partners who will help you grow and become a great leader.

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