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ForeverGreen FGXpress Prodigy-5 Pre-launch – The All-In-One Nutritional Product

Dr. Ambati graduated college at the age of 13, began medical school at 14 and became the youngest doctor in history at the age of 17. With his incredible story, his remarkable career and his many prestigious awards, we are fortunate to have him as the newest member of the ForeverGreen Scientific Advisory Board. Esteemed […]


The Truth About Marine Phytoplankton In ForeverGreen FGXpress Prodigy-5, SolarStrips and PowerStrips

Here is a GREAT video about the Marine Phytoplankton which is what the ForeverGreen FGXpress SolarStrips are and is one of the key ingredients on the PowerStrips. Marine Phytoplankton will also be the foundation / primary ingredient in the new Prodigy-5 product coming out at the Paris event in October 2016.   This is a […]