Bob Mower Steed relocated to Asia for Accelerated Growth in FGXpress China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Chinese markets!

Bob Mower Steed, President of ForeverGreen / FGXpress Asia Pacific, relocated to Asia for Accelerated Growth! And Brenda Huang’s, President of ForeverGreen / FGXpress, announcement about the company’s 大中华 (Chinese Market) initiative clearly shows the ForeverGreen’s management’s resolve to the FGXpress leader distributors about their commitment to develop the FGXpress business in China 中国, Hong Kong, Taiwan 台湾 and other Chinese markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Europe…and YES globally! Singapore

Really proud of my FGXpress leaders’ performance and achievements in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, India, FGXpress USA, Latin America, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Australia, Asia and Europe! Really happy to see them growing exponentially!

Their growth and performance is in line with ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation (FVRG) announcement in the Business For Home Website that growth is accelerating in several geographic regions, especially Europe and Asia!

Bob Mower Steed, President of ForeverGreen Asia Pacific, has recently moved to Hong Kong to oversee the dynamic markets in the Asia Pacific region. Bob Steed will be traveling extensively in Asia, especially between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the FGXpress Chinese market. That’s the level of commitment that the ForeverGreen’s management is showing to the distributors!

“I was told many years ago that if you want to be an active participant instead of a casual observer that you need to ‘put your face in the place.’ ForeverGreen Asia is experiencing unprecedented growth, and I jumped at the chance to play an active role in the build out of one of the most dynamic, fast-paced regions in the world. I was fortunate enough to be part of the dramatic growth Neways experienced in Asia.

With the product lines ForeverGreen currently has and some of those that we will be bringing to market in the near term, Asia represents a huge opportunity for us,” commented Mr. Mower Steed.

Thanks to the mentorship of our extremely knowledgeable and supportive upline leader Brad and Marcia Hager, our business have grown exponentially and we will see only success and more successes ahead of us! Brad and Marcia Hager is the first All Star Leader in FGXpress and they achieved the highest pin rank in FGXpress in just 5.5 months into the FGXpress Business! Yes! We are learning from the best!

It’s a real pleasure for us, FGXpress leaders James Yap and Moon Loh and our team to be working very closely with Bob Steed, Brenda Huang, Brad and Marcia Hager in the FGXpress business, particularly for building FGXpress leaders in Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Bob Steed Moon Loh James Yap

Bob Steed, Moon Loh and James Yap

James Yap Moon Loh Bob Steed Marcia Hager Brad Hager

James Yap, Moon Loh, Bob Steed, Marcia Hager, Brad Hager at the Marina Bay Sands Skypark in Singapore

James Yap and Brenda Huang

James Yap and Brenda Huang in FGXpress HQ Home Office in Utah

Interview with FGX President, Brenda Huang, about ForeverGreen/FGXpress

FGXpress JamesYap MoonLoh MarciaHager BradHager BobSteed

James Yap, Moon Loh, Marcia Hager, Brad Hager, Bob Steed in the FGXpress Hong Kong Office

FGXpress Key Leaders from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan

Some of our FGXpress Key Leaders from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in FGXpress Hong Kong Office

With Bob’s relocation to Asia, the Chinese market will be heavily focused.

With our team’s 大中华 (Chinese Market) initiative, the Chinese market will grow even more aggressively moving forward!

Now you know Why FGXpress and Which FGXpress team to join That’s us! :)

Join us now and let’s grow together by building this business globally hand-in-hand together! This is only the beginning…

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