Drug Free Natural Pain Relief for Athletes

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For athletes, pain relief is probably a major topic discussed in the season for outdoor running, triathlon, overuse injuries and everyone seems to be talking about what’s safe, what works, and what’s best. I will share with you how everyone can bring health and natural pain relief to athletes at home and around the world globally with FGXpress PowerStrips!
FGXpress PowerStrips
The first thing most athletes will do is to pop pills to combat aching joints and muscles for pain relief. But are they safe? Too much painkillers are of course linked to liver damage. Often than not, a lot of these athletes are in fact overdosing themselves with all these drugs, knowingly or unknowingly.
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There’s a better way for Natural Pain Relief Without Drugs for Athletes called PowerStrips.

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PowerStrips are a FDA Class 1 Medical Device that works through a brilliant topical patch design. They are effective against many types of everyday aches and pains.

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PowerStrips are great for aches and pains associated with common areas of the body such as joints, neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles. They can also be your first line of defense against minor pains associated with common ailments.

PowerStrips are also designed to be gentle on the skin to allow for regular use over time. Unlike oral pain relievers, they deliver relief to targeted areas of the body.

Very recently, PowerStrips were granted a coveted certification that took more than two years to obtain. We are happy that PowerStrips are now certified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) as free of all banned substances and performance-enhancing drugs! This globally recognized certification opens up the doors of opportunity for PowerStrips to the world of sports and athletes, globally! FGXpress PowerStrips BSCG

Dr. Don Catlin, founder of the BSCG, is considered the father and leading expert in the area of banned substance and performance-enhancing drugs. Simiarly, this group is the premiere certifying organization and is known and respected around the world.

With this certification in hand, athletes at every level and type of sports can use the Drug-Free Pain Relief PowerStrips with a peace of mind. Athletes, coaches, and trainers will be happy to learn about a pain-relieving medical device that they can feel good about using.