Special Facebook Training

Hi Team,

Many of you have been asking for the recording of
Facebook training we did a couple of weeks ago.
I have included an un-edited link of that training
at the VERY bottom of this email.You will need to
fast forward to the 20:45 mark for the start
of the training.

For maximum results read this ENTIRE email and take the
recommended action steps BEFORE you listen to the training.
(this is very detailed, multifaceted 120 minute training)

Building the business is SO EASY

my dog could do it.

Learn how to use Facebook explode your business

This social network of over a billion people is without a doubt is one of the best
ways there is to generate quality leads for both product sales and new recruits.

This call will teach you how to set up your site to draw others in and to obtain maximum results with minimal effort. You will learn how to build a massive network of high quality contacts with common business and product interest. You will be taught how to correctly approach prospects from all around the world as well as target market to specific areas in places where you have upline or desire a future business.

To ensure this call is successful for you, do the following things before listening to this training.


1.     Set up a Facebook account (it’s FREE) http://www.facebook.com

2.     Fill out your personal and basic info sections.

3.     Scan and or download to your computer lots of pictures of yourself from various locales and events form the past 10 years. (Pictures of international travel and pictures of you with you successful people are a plus).

4.      Like the Brad Hager public page by entering this url https://www.facebook.com/bradhagermlmmentor  and clicking like. We will use it as an example and reference during the call, as well as an occasional resource for coping post for your wall now and in the future.

5.     Do NOT start adding other friends to your site until after this training. Let’s do it right from the start.

6.     Be in front of your computer and on your Facebook page when listening to the training.

7.     Have a note pad and pen ready and take copious notes during the training.


The internet has become the ultimate Communications Superhighway, on this training I am going to teach you how use it to cultivate an image for yourself, your business, and your passion
 that will put you head and shoulders above the competition and pay you for years to come.


Turn your computer into a money machine

Click this link to listen to the Facebook Training



Facebook Marketing EDM

(For BEST results use them exactly as they are written and to not change the CAPS)

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