ForeverGreen Accepts China Union Pay As A Payment Method!

China Union Pay

ForeverGreen is excited to announce that starting 5th January 2016, we will begin accepting China Union Pay (CUP) as a payment method! This means that ForeverGreen Members in the China market will be able to choose CUP as their form of payment when checking out in their web office.

This is extremely awesome news to everyone all around the world! With China Union Pay readily available for use, we at ForeverGreen will be able to bring the global economy to every doorstep in the world, including our friends in China. eCommerce platforms are important and far reaching just like the Amazon, ebay, Alibaba and Baidu of the world. With ForeverGreen’s global eCommerce platform, we will be able to help people from 212 countries all around the world to benefit physically and economically! This is powerful!

China Union Pay ForeverGreen


Q: Why does the web office direct me to another page when choosing CUP as the payment method?
A: Your web office will direct you to the CUP portal to input your CUP payment information. After the payment has been submitted, you will be re-directed to the web office to finalize your transaction.

Q: Will I be paying for my order in USD or in CNY?
A: Your payment will be submitted in CNY. Your order will be converted from USD to CNY by CUP using a daily conversion rate.

Q: Why am I being asked to provide a verification code?
A: If you do not already have a CUP account set up, CUP will require you to provide a SMS code that will be sent to you via text. This is a security standard for online payments for your added protection.

Q: Why is my CUP payment not going through?
A: You must verify that your CUP card is e-commerce enabled. If you continue to have problems, please contact CUP’s customer support. Their contact information is located on their homepage.

China Union Pay ForeverGreen