How to Join Trade Coin Club Step by Step Guide


Step 1: Get your First Bitcoin


Step 2: Contact Me To Get Your Free Account at Trade Coin Club.
Kindly take note of the following:
Type your Name: **Your name must match with your NRIC/Passport Name. This is for verification purposes.**
Type your n Login: **Type in your username. This will appear in your affiliate link**
Type your Birthdate: **mm/dd/yyyy**
Click to accept the terms: **Enter your name before you click the “I ACCEPT” button**


Step 3: Fund Your Trade Coin Club Account
Login to your back office –


Step 4: Verify & Activate Your Account


Step 5: SET Your Trade WEEKLY between Sundays, 8.30pm EST until Mondays, 6.30pm EST USA time (Do take into consideration of the Day Light Savings accordingly).
GMT+8: Singapore / Malaysia @ Monday 8.30am until Tuesday 6.30am
Observe: Make sure your trade wheels are turning to ensure that trading for the week is turned on.


Step 6: Transfer Your Commissions or Trade Gains Into The Exchange EVERYDAY! (5 Days A Week)


Step 7: LEARN More To EARN More!
Login to TCC back office. Read the following:
Support Material – Videos, Downloads, Manuals
Support – FAQ


Step 8: Plug In To The Team To Get Latest Update!




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