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1.5billion people worldwide, spanning across Asia from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan to the USA, Russia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, in fact in 200+ countries worldwide suffer from chronic pain and are looking for pain relief.

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Drugs are often being prescribed to relief these pains but do you know that there is an all-natural drug free (PowerStrip™) way you may potentially use to relief and manage pain?

Among the most common conditions requiring pain relief are:

– Arthritis

– Migraine

– Back Pain

– Neck Pain

– Cancer Pain

– Rheumatism

– Frozen Shoulder

– Etc

PowerStrips™ are Doctor Formulated, Patented Fusion Of Modern Energy And Ancient Herbs , FDA Listed Class 1 Medical Device. Everyone and every part of the body needs energy. PowerStrips™ worn daily, bring energy to those parts of the body that need it. PowerStrips™ contains the following ingredients, namely, Alpha-3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton, Germanium and Korean Red Ginseng.

Each PowerStrip™ is an ultra thin U.S FDA listed class 1 medical device, which adheres to your skin. The outer layer contains elemental Germanium.

The inner or adhesive layer contains a proprietary blend of:

– Fermented Korean Red Ginseng

– Marine Phytoplankton (Alpha3 CMP™)

– using a Petroleum-Free, Water Soluble Adhesive for Safe Continuous Daily Use.

Each PowerStrip™ can be used for a period of 24-48 hours.

By increasing energy, one of the first benefits you’ll notice is a relief of pain. For this reason, PowerStrips™ are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the U.S FDA that can be used for temporarily pain relief and for improving the feel and look of the skin.

Watch this video to see how PowerStrips™ work.


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