Are you ready to create the lifestyle, and ongoing residual income that allows you to

exit the Rat Race FOREVER?

Do you look at others around you in life and wonder to yourself, what’s the

REAL secret to their success?

What makes some people so INSANELY successful, while others slave away trying to achieve their dreams only to continue to go around in circles getting nowhere?

You see, you have one grand shot at your life.

You can continue to slave away in the rat race of life, working for a boss you hate, or a job you despise and barely make it financially along the way.


instead of letting life call all the shots for you, you can be in the driver’s seat of your own personal success, financial freedom, and happiness.

The struggle is real in life, but for every struggle, there is MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY as well. You just have to prepare yourself to not only see it, but to make it work in your favor when it comes to you.

It all starts with YOU. No one else.

And most of all, you need to be emotionally HUNGRY for what you really want and also have the right TOOLS to help convert opportunity and turn it into abundant success.

Hi, we are James Yap & Moon Loh. By now, you’re probably asking… Who are we and how can we make these claims?

Who Are We?

James Yap & Moon Loh

James partnered up with Moon since June 2010. Thanks to the power of Social Media, they found each other online. Both James and Moon have personally brought in more than 500 business partners into their International Home Based Business and have thousands of team members. Now, they are earning their residual income and coaching others to do the same by leveraging on the power of the Internet!

James Yap & Moon Loh

“James is always there for me and giving me his very best support despite his busy schedule. He has a very positive mindset & is always giving me encouragement, irregardless if I succeeded in my enrollment or not.

James is so knowledgeable in this business, is an excellent coach, an excellent motivator, kind & considerate, and is always putting his team members benefits before himself. Besides being a business partner, he is a friend that I will really like to have and keep. True friendship is not easy to find.” – Darren Sim

“Moon is very detail and personal when it comes to helping her team grow their business. She is a no-hype person, every tips and suggestion is so practical and down to earth. She is always looking for opportunity to share her experience to her team and teach them how to “fish”.” – Jon Koh

“Good Morning Moon, I just registered as your new paid member with autoship. Thanks a lot for your great mentoring. I hope you will continue supporting me for the success of our business. Take care…” – Jorge, Philippines

 “If We Can Do It, You Can Do It Too!”

Build Your International Business In More Than 200 Countries!

FGXpress Team

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