Hi Team,

As we are expanding our business around the world, the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with people in other countries and languages is crucial to building a large international team.

This being the case I want to recommend an app for your smart phone that enables you easily and effortlessly chat with people all over the world regardless of the language each of you speak.

The app is called Wechat and you can find it in your app store. This is one of my favorite and most used apps on my phone. There are many reasons I love this app but one feature in particular that I use constantly is the build in translator. As an example, you type messages in your native language to virtually any person in the world and when they receive your message they simply hold their finger on your text and it translates it into their language. They then type back to you using their language and you hold your finger on their message and it translates into your language, FAST and EASY :)

If you have downline or upline that speak a different language than you, or you plan on getting some in the future, I HIGHLY recommend getting this app now and become familiar with it.

There are many many great features in this app that you will use to communicate globally from Group Chats, to Video Calls, Voice Calls, Walkie Talkie etc… It is also amazing for finding prospects for your business with features such as, People Nearby, Shake, and Drift Bottle. It also has a wall similar to Facebook called Moments, where you can make post about your business for others to see etc…

Here is a link to the app where you can download Wechat and or find out more info or you can download it from your cell phones app store.

If you are serious about building a large global team, in particular in China the LARGEST MLM market in the world, then this app is MUST have. This app will be one of the main tools we will use to explode our business in China and if you don’t have it you will get left behind. There are 1.1 Billion register accounts on WeChat from 200 different countries in over 20 different languages. Only 100 million of these register users are outside of China :) 65% of ALL internet users in China use WeChat, and 75% of all WeChat users check their moments (wall post) on a regular basis. WeChat has had as many a 10 million post in a single minute. GET THE PICTURE? – THIS IS BIG$$$

I STRONGLY suggest getting this app ASAP and setting it up applying the same instruction from our Facebook training, GREAT Profile pic, cover photos, post etc… The recorded WeChat training below will teach those who are serious how to use this great tool to find prospects and build a business there. BEFORE starting to listen to this training you need to download the WeChat app and add me. You also need to go ahead and set up your WeChat by filling out your profile, adding your profile picture, and a cover photo etc..

Here is my QR code that you can use to add James & Moon. There are a couple of ways to do this, the easiest is go to contacts in your WeChat and click the person with the + plus sign in the upper right corner, then click Scan QR Code and scan my code bellow, or you can download my QR code (below) into your pictures on your phone, then when in the scan mode click ALBUM in the upper right corner and select my code.

James Yap. Wechat ID: juzzjames
Moon Loh. Wechat ID: moonloh
Link to WeChat Training

Here are the directions on how to find and enable the Drift Bottle that I discuss in the training.
From the main page of your WeChat app, click on ME (in the lower right corner) then SETTINGS, then GENERAL, then FEATURES, then DRIFT BOTTLE, enable it and it will now appear in your Discover tab and be ready to use.


Wechat Marketing EDM




* 创办人是前美国直销国际协会主席: 罗恩.威廉姆斯。
* 十年的上市公司,股票代码FVRG。拥有多项垄断性专利的保健公司。
* 超豪华的营销阵容: ZRII, 诺丽,赞果,蒙纳维,婕斯,康宝莱,等超明星领队。
* 2013刚开始启动全球能量贴生意,2015年在美国拉斯维加斯开正式启动会议。
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* 全球连线,无缝接轨; 您只要专注开发市场,其它的一切全部交给FG快线。

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根据商业信息公司GBI Research最新研究报告称,2010年全球疼痛药物市场价值约为286亿美元,相当于2002~2010年之间复合年均增长率为5.3%。到2017年,全球疼痛药物市场预计将达到351亿美元。

GBI Research 称,目前在研的疼痛新药项目约有282项,主要适用于治疗神经性疼痛、纤维肌痛、癌症、偏头痛、骨关节炎、类风湿关节炎、腰背痛和手术后的疼痛。不过,报 告称与目前上市药物相比,在研新产品无法提供更好的疗效和安全性,但高水平的研发活动表明疼痛药物市场将具有明显的增长潜力。


我们的能量贴是唯一 被FDA(美国食品药物监管局)列為第一类医疗用品。这是从来没有在这个行业发生过的, 我们FG快线是史上第一家!!!



1. 缓解疼痛
2. 提高性欲
3. 增加能量
4. 减压
5. 改善血液循环
6. 增强免疫系统
7. 抗炎
8. 加强头脑清晰
9. 改善睡眠质量
10. 修复肌肤



全球190个国家同步发行 – 能量贴
@能量贴协助生活在疼痛中的人,人们可以使用能量贴舒缓身体疼痛,包括所有类型的头痛和偏头痛, 肩膀酸痛, 膝盖痛等等。
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