Which Is The Best MLM Network Marketing Company To Join In Singapore?

Which is the best network marketing MLM company to join in Singapore?

Well, before I answer this question, please allow me to paint you a picture.

  • Your friend invited you to a network marketing company’s Opportunity Presentations in Singapore (OPP).
  • The charismatic speaker shared with you about their company, products and explained how easy is it to make money in their company.
  • The charismatic speaker’s presentation moved you.
  • You got excited about the income potential.
  • You joined them.
  • You found out later that it was not so easy to make money.
  • You got frustrated.
  • You quit.
  • You go around looking for another opportunity.
  • And the cycle repeats itself.

Sounds familiar?


What is wrong with the picture here?

Often then not, we jump into something without knowing what we are actually getting ourselves into.

We failed to at least try to really understand how much resource in terms of time, effort, investment, commitment, etc, we need to put into the specific network marketing business in order for success to be realized. As long as there are mismatch of expectations, everything will go wrong. Success will either be painfully slow or will never come.


So, which is the best Singapore network marketing company to join?

The answer is… there is no best network marketing company to join in Singapore.  Yes, you read it correctly. I repeat, there is no best network marketing company to join in Singapore or anywhere else on planet earth.

Every respectable and legit network marketing company must have actual products, and they usually have very good products. They too must have a relatively fair compensation plan.

The BEST network marketing (MLM) company FOR YOU is one that BEST FIT you.

Every person’s character, personality, background, past experiences, etc, are different. And thus their needs, wants and expectations will be different too. And these will result in different individuals with different BEST FIT solution to their actual BEST FIT choice of network marketing company. Some of the factors that will affect your BEST FIT criteria are like, the product, the culture of the company, your moral limits (you may not understand why yet), your lifestyle, your comfort level, etc.

Another extremely important factor to consider when selecting your BEST FIT networking marketing company is SYSTEM. The company must have a System in place to enable the distributors to build their business more efficiently and effectively. By System I mean the system that the company should have in place, with should be fully integrated with the business processes, for the distributors to be able to capture leads globally, follow up with leads accordingly and have the ability to enroll these leads on a global basis.


To wrap up this short sharing,

1. After you decide on the RIGHT Network Marketing COMPANY for YOU.

2. You will need to decide on WHICH TEAM in that company you will want to join.

3. After you decide on which team in that company you want to join, you will need to decide on WHICH LEADER in that team you will want to work with.

4. As SYSTEM is an extremely important determining factor for success or failure for anyone in any network marketing business.


I wish you the best and I hope you will find a network marketing (MLM) company in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and in fact globally that BEST FIT you.