Why FGXpress?

Since the day we joined FGXpress, our network marketing friends kept asking us WHY we made such a decision to leave our previous organization and joined a company in pre-launch – FGXpress. Well, it really doesn’t make sense to leave my previous organization especially when my team was doing well and I just achieved my new pin rank. I wasn’t being pitched by anyone to join FGXpress. In fact the very first moment I read the info pack shared to me by Brad Hager (he is my mentor and my direct sponsor now), I read through the information carefully and thoroughly and I signed up almost immediately! I simply love the product and the concept of having a Global Business in 190 countries!

One Product! One Price! 190 Countries! FDA listed Class 1 Medical Device! HUGE Comp Plan!

Honestly I went through the most difficult stage where I had to choose between my previous organization and FGXpress. “Fortunately” my decision was made fast and I must thank my team for their kind respect and understanding for my “too sudden” and “shock” decision.

Why FGXpress?

I have to tell you the truth!

My reason for joining FGXpress is.. I “Saw” my Dreams Come True! I’m from Internet Marketing background and I truly understand what is Global Business without Barriers of Countries. I’m also a person who BELIEVE TO SEE! There’s no shortcut to success, but there’s always an easier way when we clearly know what we want. What are my Dreams? I think it’s not that important here. It’s not about myself after all.

After evaluating the company, it’s not difficult to zoom in and choose FGXpress as our Home. The business methodology of Ron Williams, CEO of ForeverGreen, and business model already won my heart.

– ForeverGreen is listed in the stock exchange in the USA and is a credible company with talented, experienced and committed exco members overseeing the growth of the company.
– This business can be done in 190 countries worldwide. Where you are able to receive a greeting card, you are able to do the business in that country. We are literally bring the global economy to every doorstep of the world. No other company in the world can do this at this point in time. We are the first.
– The Product “PowerStrips” is patented and listed as a Class 1 Medical Device. That’s another first in the world.
– The company pays out 62% in commission with a cheque match of up to 50%. This an awesomely high percentage.

October 2013

Since day 1 when we have decided to build FGXpress as a business, we knew the journey will not be easy. The company is in pre-launch. Lots of challenges and we have only one solution! “Never Give Up! Work Within And Around Constraints and Move Forward!” – Our only slogan!

Things were not going smoothly all the time and we had some really hard times too. However, at no point in time have we regretted our decision. On the other hand, we welcome the challenges. They made us a lot stronger! We have truly made the RIGHT decision.

April 2014 – Achieve 3 Star Recognition

James & Moon - FGXpress

November 2014 – Achieve 4 Star Recognition

4 Star Singapore FGXpress Leaders

August 2015 – Achieve 5 Star Recognition

FGXpress Singapore

We win some, we lose some. I appreciate the leaders and members who hang in with us during the rough times till now, giving us their full support. Without them we could not have made it thus far. Each and everyone of us in the team have our own Dreams, and we are working together towards the ROAD OF MILLIONAIRES!

January 2015 – ForeverGreen Corporate Fly-In @ Utah & HMG Millionaires Mentoring Training

ForeverGreen Utah

FGXpress James Yap & Moon Loh

This is the time we finally meet the founder of ForeverGreen (FGXpress) – Ron Williams & the Executive Team face to face. Honestly I have my checklist before the trip and after the 3 days 2 nights event, I have ALL TICK in my box! They truly touch my heart and I have to agree that PEOPLE is the most important & sustainable product, as well as the best product in the marketplace. This is the very first time in my Network Marketing life I witness myself what is LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY!

Forevergreen, FGXpress, Singapore Leaders

ForeverGreen Home Office @ Utah – With the founder Ron Williams, Corporate Executive Team & HMG Team

I must proudly say that we have the best Team & best Mentors – Brad & Marcia Hager who are always there for us. They are truly the servant leaders who show quality leadership and mentorship.

Brad Hager, Marcia Hager, Moon Loh, James Yap

Brad & Marcia Hager – FIRST ALL STAR Leaders in FGXpress.
Achieve ALL STAR in 5.5 months into the business.

HMG Team

Hager Marketing Group – Mentoring Leaders To Millions!

We are looking forward to work with you to grow your business into 190 countries! GLOBAL!!! Get in touch with us and we will give you more information.

James Yap
Email: jnmxpress@gmail.com
Contact: +65 96726200 (Singapore)
Skype ID: jamesyapmagic

Moon Loh
Email: jnmxpress@gmail.com
Contact: +65 93255825 (Singapore)
Skype ID: mounnee