Our Journey in ForeverGreen / FGXpress

First of all, I want to give thanks. The very first person I want to thank is Moon Loh. She is the reason why I am here with FGXpress. Thank you Moon for everything you have done…everything. Complimenting each other’s skill-set, together with the woman’s touch, we will see only success.

Why FGXpress? After evaluating the company, it’s not difficult to zoom in and choose FGXpress as our home. The business methodology of Ron Williams, CEO of ForeverGreen, and business model already won my heart.

– ForeverGreen is listed in the stock exchange in the USA and is a credible company with talented, experienced and committed exco members overseeing the growth of the company.
– This business can be done in 212 countries worldwide. Where you are able to receive a greeting card, you are able to do the business in that country. We are literally bring the global economy to every doorstep of the world. No other company in the world can do this at this point in time. We are the first.
– The Product “PowerStrips” is patented and listed as a Class ! Medical Device. That’s another first in the world.
– The company pays out 62% in commission with a cheque match of up to 50%. This an awesomely high percentage.

We joined FGXpress in Oct 2013. In our first week into the business, we sponsored members from 11 countries and started to make a 4-figure income.

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